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Cyber threats and cybersecurity are becoming relevant problems and vulnerabilities of today’s world. The Global Institute for Cybersecurity Technologies is here to bring its contribution in raising the awareness about this new reality and to provide the appropriate answers. We do this by providing information, analysis and research about the most advance cybersecurity solutions and technologies.

There is a great shortage, and need at the same time, of cybercrime and cyber threats criminalization all over the world. Leaders and managers need the right legal tools and assistance in implementing them. Global Institute for Cybersecurity Technologies does exactly this by gathering high level governmental and legislative resources.

Connecting senior level private and government security professionals with solution providers, buyers, researchers and investors, we facilitate communication, share best practices and ease the transfer of world class cybersecurity solutions and technologies. Ultimately, our goal is to help organizations develop a more resilient cybersecurity culture and environment.

GICT Awards

Each year, GICT surveys the global cybersecurity environment on 5 key areas:

  • Legislation

  • Governance

  • Innovation and Research

  • Awareness

  • Best practices

Hundreds of companies, governmental decisions, legislative measures, new technologies, and innovations from all over the world are evaluated by GICT steering committee. Five are selected – one for each category, and are presented to a high-level public in an annual event.


For “Innovation and Research” key area, if you are a company active in the cyber security field, send us a short presentation of your product or service that you wish to enlist into the competition. For “Awareness” and “Best practices” key areas please send a short presentation of your company.

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