Global Institute for Cybersecurity Technologies is a consultancy company specialized in European and international public affairs, strategic planning, networking, advocacy, engaging with key decision-makers, stakeholders, and media inside and outside the EU.

Governments play an increasingly powerful role in the global economy. Individuals, organizations, companies, even states, cannot afford to ignore events and situations, which are affecting their reputation in relation with policymakers. Managing political risk is a growing imperative for effective corporate governance and business planning.

We are a dedicated team of experts in politics and policy, backed by the firm’s strong communications network. We work directly with relevant key contacts from a wide range of disciplines: active and former senior government officials, members of intelligence community, journalists, campaign pros, corporate and NGO veterans. We provide intel and situation awareness analysis with assistance from a network of intelligence community members from EU leading countries.

The team provides in-depth research and studies of policy and political issues, builds reputations with government audiences, and advocates on behalf of issues – in Europe’s main capitals and beyond.

GICT senior advisory board is led by Mrs Ramona Manescu, former Minister and former Member of the European Parliament.

Our mission is to provide exceptional services for our clients to maximize the success of their projects. We strive for excellence and aim always to exceed expectations.

We provide seven primary services:

1. Strategic planning, Networking, and EU Advocacy
• We offer support in liaising with European institutions and other organizations, establishing contacts, and organize high-level meetings with EU decision-makers, media, and civil society representatives.
• Meeting organization with EU officials, preparing speaking points, executive coaching to prepare for the meeting, debriefing, and follow-up after each appointment.

2. International Advocacy
• Organize meetings with international and national actors, including NGOs, policymakers, and civil society organizations.
• Develop talking points and create tailored briefing documents
• Draft policy papers and advocacy letters

3. Research and policy analysis
• We provide activity reports, white papers, and specific briefings to generate a level of knowledge and expertise within a particular field.

4. Events Management
Events Management is a critical element in approaching EU organizations, to establish contacts and dialogue with decision-makers. Our service includes:
• Designing and organizing the event: concept paper, draft program, identify and engage with the relevant speakers and stakeholders, prepare speeches and press materials.
• Planning, managing, and executing thematic events on behalf of clients and the company, including virtual events and webinars.
• Post-event debriefing and follow up.

5. EU Funding
• We provide up to date monitoring of European funding programs and proposals and identify the right partners.

6. Leadership coaching and executive training
• We offer support and advice to establish and maintain an appropriate EU presence to achieve an optimal position towards the EU institutions.
• Our services include leadership and staff training in the field of EU diplomacy.

7. EU Monitoring
• Monitor European institutions’ activity by tracking all relevant European institutions and stakeholders’ political communication.
• Monitoring EU developments
• Monitoring political and legislative developments
• Delivering up to date intelligence

Furthermore, GICT has a strong department addressing cyber threats and cybersecurity.

Cyber threats and cybersecurity are relevant problems and vulnerabilities of today’s world. GICT strives to raise awareness and provide the appropriate answers to these issues.

We provide information, analysis, and research about the most advanced cybersecurity solutions and technologies.

All over the world, there is a great shortage and need for cybercrime and cyber threats criminalization. Leaders and managers need the right legal tools and assistance. Global Institute for Cybersecurity Technologies addresses these issues by gathering high level governmental and legislative resources.

Connecting senior-level private and government security professionals with solution providers, buyers, researchers, and investors, we facilitate communication, share best practices, and ease the transfer of world-class cybersecurity solutions and technologies. Ultimately, our goal is to help organizations develop a more resilient cybersecurity culture and environment.