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As former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Transport, I have broad governmental experience. To the same extent, as former Member of the European Parliament, with three mandates in the European legislative forum, I am a profound connoisseur of the EU politics.

As Romania’s executive in charge of foreign policy, I proved to be a strong believer in Strategic Partnership’s crucial role and the active contribution to regional stability of both the EU and NATO. In line with this key approach, I promoted Romania’s efforts for a closer relationship with its direct neighbours. My key activities as Minister of Foreign Affairs were focused on cyber diplomacy – especially awareness and capacity building, hybrid warfare, cyber and energy security, and positively responding to the needs of Romanians abroad.

As a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament I was strongly involved in EU’s foreign policy in relation with the extended MENA region. Also, as the EPP rapporteur on strategic communication, I contributed to the EP Resolutions on the state of EU-Russia relations (1, 2), and the Reports on countering third parties propaganda against the EU (1, 2).

Some of my views on topics such as cyber diplomacy, cyber security, strategic communication and asymmetric threats can be found in the Volume „The Hybrid Warfare” published by GICT. I’ve also published a collection of articles about the connections and implications between terrorism and security together with various analysis about the many treats faced by the European Union in the “Security and Terrorism” volume. Another publication – “European Neighbourhood Policy And Migration” analyses the many aspects and angles of the troubled MENA region, the implications for the EU and EU’s responses.

In my work at the European Parliament I promoted a strategic approach, whereby policies and decisions with security implications, at both national and European level, should be weighted through a broad range of implications, not just possible sectoral benefits.

I was equally active in the International Trade (INTA), and the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committees. I was the acting Vice-Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries (DMAS) and member in the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula (DARP). I also chaired the EU Parliamentary Friendship Groups with Lebanon, Oman, and Qatar.

Over the years, I published countless articles, analyses and opinions, both in Romania and abroad, targeting topics which I followed the most, like foreign affairs and diplomacy – especially cyber diplomacy; energy and security; terrorism and hybrid warfare; strategic communication and EU’s relations with its southern and eastern neighbourhoods. My works can be found at The Institute for Economics and Peace, Calea Europeana, DC News, Aspen Institute, EurActiv, Romanian Journal of Local Public Administration, The Economic Tribune, Euroconsultancy Magazine, The Education Tribune, Political Dial Magazine, The World, The Parliament Magazine and The Regional Review.